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    Defending Signup

    Brek Larks

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    Re: Defending Signup

    Post  Brek Larks on Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:15 pm

    Name: Alfeos Grenf
    Species: Hare
    Gender: Male
    Age: Young Adult
    Rank(optional): Foot Soldier/Scout?*
    Weapon: Spear and round shield
    Strengths: High sense of hearing and site, catches smaller details others may miss.
    Weaknesses: Tends to be rather cautious and reluctant to do much, freezes when frightened.
    Appearance: A scrawny, jittery grey hare in a dark green jacket with his spear shacking in his one paw while his shield quickly facing towards the most startling sound or sight.
    Personality: Cautious, untrusting, and shy. He doesn't enjoy battle, and hates talking to new folk even more so. But if you get him to warm up to you he may befriend you eventually.


    Name: Brage Firlon
    Species: Ferret
    Gender: Male
    Age: Adult
    Weapon: Scimitar
    Strengths: Strong, good with traps.
    Weaknesses: Blind in his left eye, has poor sense of smell.
    Appearance: Dark and light grey shades of striped fur, black eyebrows and cheeks. Teeth often bared in a snarl showing a rather large amount of decay. His left eye is faded of color from blindess after becoming ill as a kit, same illness has effected his nostrils leaving him with poor sense of smell. He wears torn furs wrapped around his hide and tied in braided leather chords, and often ornaments his belts with teeth and bones. He wears no footwear.
    Personality: Fierce in battle yet quiet elsewhere.
    History(optional): As a kit Brage fell ill to a fever, the illness left him crippled with blindness in one eye and poor sense of smell. Often outcasted for his disabilities, he was never allowed to hunt with the parties. Brage took up trapping to collect the food he needed, as well as practiced alone every day with his scimitar so his physical prowess would hopefully one day dominate his weakness, he has yet to reach such a point.

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    Re: Defending Signup

    Post  BoxingHare on Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:31 am

    Accepted. Now post. Hurry. ;)

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    Re: Defending Signup

    Post  thrugg on Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:06 pm

    Name:shogg swordhound
    Weapon:sword and sling
    Strengths:fast, strong, quick thinker
    Weaknesses(at least two, if not more):gets angry easily,makes hasty decisions
    Appearance: brawny and tall(as most otters are)wears a light brown tunic and a green coloured cloack
    Personality:funny and kindly but gets angry easily
    History(optional):his family got attacked by wildcats when he was small. his mum dad and his brother and sister were killed,he was the only one left alive

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    Re: Defending Signup

    Post  Alswinda on Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:40 pm

    Sargent sah! I hope that you get this Message sometime this season sah! I hope this Misson is successful for Salamandastron sah.... Lovely place Wot!

    Name: Rececia Groundfire
    Species: Hare
    Gender: Female
    Age: Adult
    Rank(optional): captain
    Weapon: Fencing Saber
    Strengths: Extremely fast, quick thinker.
    Weaknesses(at least two, if not more): Fear of death, a slight limp in her left foot paw.
    Appearance: White Fur with Fiery red streaks all over, brilliant blue eyes, And wears a pink mess jacket.
    Personality: very spritely and energetic.
    History(optional): She was born and raised in camp tussock by her parents, And always listened to the story of how a young hare whose name was Tamello De Fformelo Tussock. Ran away from his parents to join the long patrol. Absolutely fascinated by the story, Young Rececia followed in Tammo's pawsteps and ran away one night after everyone went to bed. And made her way to The Great Mountain Fortress of Salamandastron, Headquarters of the Long Patrol. And home to the fearsome Badger Lords/ladys. After spending several years training at the mountain, she had her first battle. During which she received a terrible sword wound to her left foot paw. Which had healed over time, but left a slight limp.


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    Re: Defending Signup

    Post  Raven-Chan on Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:48 pm

    Name: Adera Nightshade
    Species: Feral Cat
    Age:18 seasons
    Rank(optional): Vermin fighter (Formerly) Wanderer(current)
    Weapon: daggers, short bow, black-fletched arrows,Natrual defenses,walking stick
    Strengths: speed,climbing,flexibility,Balance.
    Weaknesses(at least two, if not more): Spear-tossing, noticeable limp in right leg, swimming
    Appearance: Complety ebony with soft splashes of creamy white on her paws,tailtip,thoart,and belly. Crisscrossed with scars and tatoos, a single gold earring, a tattered red vest and brown pants, yellow eyes.
    Personality: Short-tempered and gruff outwardly, inwardly friendly and endearing.Prone to savage sudden rages
    History(optional): Born a slave on a corsair ship and raised as a crew member, her ship was dashed on reef rocks off shore, she was a lone survivor. Wandered aimlessly about the coastline and throughout Mossflower wood, visited Redwall only twice. Wishes for some company.

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    Re: Defending Signup

    Post  BoxingHare on Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:05 am

    All the new characters are accepted!

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