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    Roleplaying Guidelines


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    Roleplaying Guidelines Empty Roleplaying Guidelines

    Post  Tiria on Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:51 am

    What Roleplaying Is

    Roleplaying is when more than one person each have a character. They roleplaying by posting what is happening with their character and interact with other peoples' characters.


    OOC=Out Of Character. This goes before text that the player posts in the roleplaying when they are not roleplaying.

    BIC=Back In Character. This means that the poster has finished their OOC comment and is now roleplaying.

    RP=Stands for Role Playing

    For example:

    OOC: This is awesome!
    BIC: The character slid down the water slide.

    The person who starts the RP is called the Gamemaster, or GM. They decide what the RP characters are going to do next.

    Note: Godmoding (GMing) and Powerplaying (PPing) are not allowed in RPs. Godmoding is when a person makes their character too powerful. This is unfair to the other players.
    Powerplaying is when someone takes control of someone else's character. This is only allowed when the person to whom the powerplayed character belongs gives permission.


    When creating a roleplay on this forum, you have to make a sign-up thread where people post their character profiles. The sign-up thread is also for discussing the roleplay.

    You may put a link to your RP in your signature and profile, but topics created simply to advertise the RP are not allowed.

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    Roleplaying Guidelines Empty Re: Roleplaying Guidelines

    Post  BoxingHare on Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:45 am

    I'd like to add somethings,

    Creating a Character

    You need to create a character sheet, something that describes your character and 'introduces' it to the RP. Here's one of mine:

    Name: Tila
    Species: Hare
    Weapon: Fists
    Rank: Sergeant
    Age: Adult
    Strengths: Smart, bold
    Weaknesses: Rash, terrible temper
    Appearance: Sandy coloured with grey, black, and white flecks
    Personality: She's sorta happy-go-lucky but can have terrible temper when you insult her, she's not one to cross, so don't try, she holds grudges. She's bold and tries to put a brave face on, but doesn't always succeed. She can make rash decisions that are terrible in the long run. She's pretty smart. And can have a laugh.

    There's also a simplified version:

    Name: Tila
    Species: Hare
    Age: Adult
    Weapon: Fists
    Appearance: Sandy coloured with grey, black, and white flecks
    Personality: Cheerful, terrible temper, rash

    One of my favourite methods to create a well-rounded character would be to base it off of someone you know.

    Though I recommended the longer version, since the GM will be more likely to accept your character, it's your choice. The first one makes it seem more human, er, you know what I mean. Which brings me to my next point.

    Accepting Characters

    Sometimes a character might be overpowered, god modding, as Tiria mentioned, so the GM has the choice to accept the character or not. An example of an overpowered character would be this(not mine):

    Name: Gentor
    Species: Mouse
    Age: Adult
    Weapon: Martin's sword
    Strengths: Good leader, strong warrior, great swordsman, very encouraging
    Weaknesses: Enters bloodwrath very easily, not good with a bow
    Appearance: Taller than the average mouse, about the size of a hare
    Personality: Usually kind to woodlanders but will attack vermin on sight. Very solitary most of the time. Will help any other creature in need even if it means giving his life.

    I hope you saw the problems with that. Him not being able to use a bow well isn't really a weakness; he can easily avoid using a bow. And there's bloodwrath and solitary, as well as a good leader and encouraging. Please avoid using that sort of character.

    That's all for now.

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