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    Of Greed and Loyalites


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    Of Greed and Loyalites Empty Of Greed and Loyalites

    Post  Southpaw on Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:51 pm

    Sooo, not a very active bunch... Well no matter, if by some off chance this forum randomly becomes active again I'll check this occasionally to see if I have any sign ups.


    From the beginning Redwall was seen as a beacon of hope, a symbol of honor a place of safety, but this is no more. Though corruption and singular greed the Abbey has fallen under the paws of Abbot's and Abbesses whose only goal is to aid themselves. Redwall falls from being a house peace and happiness to a place of lies and deception, greed and vicious intent.

    To make matters worse the surrounding villages and towns have come under terrible raids by the waning vermin populace. Redwall being the only place of power with any kind of standing army. The leaders seeing their chance to become richer heavily tax the woodlanders for their military protection. The poor and sick who cannot pay are left to their own devices or thrown in Redwall's newly built prisons.

    Yet hidden in the shadows a tiny light burns for a better future. What will happen to the advancing Mossflower wood, shall Redwall's once great legacy be ruined by vicious greed, shall the outlaws become the true law of the lands, or shall young heroes pure of heart rise up and take down both evils, who can say for who truly has the heart and strength to stand up too the powerful rulers of the Abbey or the dangerous Queen of Outlaws?


    So there's a basic storyline and way for the RP to progress, a few rules are the simple basic ones, No godmoding no Powerplaying blah blah three characters max, character choices include Outlaws, Redwallers, Woodlanders, Each one has its special merits and so forth.

    For Outlaws:
    Outlaws are the most dangerous and unpredictable of things, there are very few good outlaws and such creatures are willing to kill and take on their whim, they tend to ran in bands and are the bane of the Redwallers and Woodlanders existence. They live a life on the run hiding in the depths of Mossflower only emerging to make daring raids on the towns and villages or occasionally Redwall itself.

    For Redwallers:
    Depending on your choice of Redwaller there are two different kinds, the first is the Abbey leaders, fat, bad tempered, corrupt and cowardly they are the most targeted by the outlaws. Second choice is the Abbey warriors, driven by talks of patriotism and honor these brave fighters are blinded by their greedy leaders, they see the taxing of the woodlanders as a necessary evil and will do nearly anything to capture the Outlaws that always remain just out of reach.

    For Woodlanders:
    Thee are many types of Woodlanders from the rich to the poor they are nearly all different, some are bootlickers and will suck up to their overseers, the others are patriots of a better future, ones that stand up to the Redwallers and are thrown in prison for being rowdy. Woodlanders are the weakest faction but definitely the largest, however most of them would rather just let live then stand up and make a difference

    Character sheet, I'm going to make two sheets, one is advanced for more experienced RPers the other is for people who are still learning.

    Basic Sheet:


    Advanced Sheet:

    Long Term History:
    Recent History:

    For Mine!:

    Name: Quent Slitten/ Queen Crossbolt
    Title/Rank/Position: The Queen of Outlaws
    Race: Ferret
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Weapon(s): Shortsword/Garroting wire/Crossbow
    Gear: Lock picking kit/ A pair of leather armguards
    Faction: Outlaws
    Loyalties: To herself and none else

    Personality: A wickedly cruel and cleaver creature with her own agenda being her only goal, she is incredibly determined and when a goal gets stuck in her head she will do whatever it takes to finish that goal. Quent is a realist and will surrender rather then die, her skills with her weapons are poor however its more her fierce strength and determination that makes her truly dangerous.

    Appearance: Tall and sinewy with a look about her that makes her look like she's always about to laugh.
    Fur: Dark brown with gray patches and the usual black fur around her eyes.
    Eyes: Bright black
    Clothes: A short dark green tunic with a broad sword belt. She wears a short brown cloak with a hood that does well to disguise her features.
    Effects: A single bronze paw bracelet that is slightly dented.

    Long Term History: Born into a life of abuse and hardship Quent grew up resenting Redwall and most woodlanders. After running away from home at a young age she stole herself some basic weapons and ran with many different hordes and gangs often becoming respected in the individual groups. Finally she came about creating her own small band of outlaws, they became skilled highwaybeasts and rob rich travelers as they pass on their way to Redwall.

    Recent History: Quent  and a band of a dozen have set up shop deep in Mossflower, they make occasional raids on the paths and roads but nothing more. Because of the frequency of the attacks she had been dubbed Queen Crossblot by her victims and has made a name for herself. However recently Quent has been looking at larger targets and plans one of the most daring heists yet preformed.

    Other: N/A

    In Progress
    Name: Brandon
    Title/Rank/Position: Exiled Warrior
    Race: Mouse
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Weapon(s): Scimitar/Two long daggers/Sling and stone
    Gear: N/A
    Faction: Woodlanders/Redwallers
    Loyalties: Mostly to Redwall however they do not command his respect

    Long Term History:
    Recent History:

    Name: Skittles Greatdray
    Title/Rank/Position: N/A
    Race: Squirrel
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Weapon(s): N/A
    Gear: A homemade flute
    Faction: Woodlanders/Outlaws
    Loyalties: None

    Personality: A cheerful and likable creature Skittles is well named for being skittish and rash. He often does things without thinking that land him in trouble and hates what he can't understand.

    Appearance: A small build with a look of youthful innocence he most definitely isn't a warrior
    Fur: Normal dark Red/Brown
    Eyes: A dark green
    Clothes: A yellow tunic with a black belt.
    Effects: Only a necklace made from black cord and a wooden carving of a squirrel.

    Long Term History: Born to the squirrel family Greatdray Skittles grew up well with decent schooling and good nourishment. He made friends with the populace and sang and played occasionally at events and celebrations for he had a good voice and was skilled with a flute. He was trained to be tailor by his father and would have continued that line of work.

    Recent History: Skittles and his family suffered from the Abbey's taxes, the pressure of the extra payments soon overcame them. Later when the threat of being thrown in prison was becoming evident Skittles threw moldy vegetables at the Redwall Warriors. He then fled into the surrounding woodlands and was declared an outlaw.

    Once you complete your character(s) I will paste them up here.

    Feel free to ask Questions and any ideas you might have.

    Open positions that need to be filled are: Champion of Redwall(Corrupt Warrior), Townspeople, Outlaws, Other

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    Of Greed and Loyalites Empty Re: Of Greed and Loyalites

    Post  WhovianLime on Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:09 pm

    Name:Lyra (Outlaw)
    Title/Rank/Position: The Bandaged Man (Nickname)
    Age:34 Seasons
    Weapon(s): Cutlass, Some throwing Knives, and a Bottle of Venom
    Gear: Digging Claws, Spare bandages, and some bottled medicine
    Loyalties:No one, he is secretly plotting to overthrow the Queen
    Personality: Calculating, Greedy, Egotistical, Ambitious. (Oddly Similar to the Queen)
    Appearance:Navy Blue Tunic, Some Black Boots, and bandages covering his whole body
    Fur: Burned off, and covered in bandage
    Eyes:Burning Red
    Clothes: Dark Blue Tunic, Black Boots
    Effects: A Spiked Ring With a Black gem to crunch into someones face
    Long Term History: Kicked out of a Vermin Gang through being covered in pitch and lit on fire and thrown off a mountain, found the outlaws and swore allegiance to the queen and pledged to himself to overthrow her and take her place
    Recent History: Climbed to a lieutenant(Outlaw Equivalent) rank

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    Of Greed and Loyalites Empty Another Character

    Post  WhovianLime on Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:16 pm

    Name: Scylla (I Based this off the Greek Sea Monster)
    Title/Rank/Position: Lonely Sailor
    Weapon(s):Short Bow, Long Rapier
    Gear:A food bag
    Faction: Woodlander
    Loyalties: Her pet Hermit Crab
    Personality:Calm and laid back
    Appearance: Silver Furred Shrew with oddly long Nose
    Fur: Silver
    Eyes: Sea Foam Green
    Clothes: Dark Grey Tunic with Red shirt
    Effects: Red Gemmed Amulet
    Long Term History: Abandoned Family For explorating
    Recent History: Made a Black Wood Boat
    Other: Owns a Black Wooded Long Boat with a Purple Sail, And a pet Hermit Crab Called Shoto

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    Of Greed and Loyalites Empty Re: Of Greed and Loyalites

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