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    Post  Tiria on Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:34 am

    Welcome to Roleplay Redwall, a forum for roleplaying all things Redwall! These are the rules:

    1. No swearing. Your post will be modified if you swear. Also, don't star out parts of the swear word. Your post will be modified if you do this.

    2. If an admin or moderator edits something out of your post, don't change it back the way it was.

    3. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to religion and politics. Because these discussions tend to turn into arguments, don't post topics about these.

    4. Flaming and trolling is against the rules. If this happens to you, report it. If you do it, report it.

    5. Don't register more than one account. Duplicate accounts will be deleted.

    6. Don't back-seat moderate. If someone does something against the rules, don't try and deal with it yourself. Tell a staff member.

    7. Don't double post unless a topic has not been posted in for a long time, or you want your post to be noticed. If you just want to add more information, edit your post instead.

    8. Don't make duplicate topics. If you do, they'll be deleted.

    9. If a spambot makes topics, don't post in them, report them to a staff member. Don't follow spambot links. (This is more of a suggestion than rule)

    10. Respect everyone's opinion.

    11) Use common sense. If it makes someone angry and they don't have anger issues, than it's likely wrong.


    We want Roleplay Redwall to be a clean, fun forum. We hope you have fun. Very Happy

    ~Tiria and BoxingHare (Admins)

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